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I am working on-line through video calls and have reduced my fees to £35.00

Weekend, Afternoon and Evening appointments

Contact me with any questions and to arrange a meeting on-line

Have a look round these pages for information about the way I work, my experience and training
Brief background - Experience
Brief background - Training
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Brief background - Experience

I have worked as a counsellor and psychotherapist for twenty-five years in Wolverhampton and Shrewsbury.

For the whole of that time I have worked in the NHS alongside part-time counselling jobs in different areas.
A city centre drop-in (8 years), an adult education college (2 years), a specialist agency (2 years), private practice (2 years).

Before training as a therapist I worked in various jobs in industry, commercial businesses, local government and the financial industry - in UK Cities, mainly in London.

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Brief background - Training

My core counsellor training was at City University in London.
This was followed by a MA in Counselling from Liverpool University.
I have a Phd from the University of Wolverhampton, with research concentrating on peoples' experience of their workplace.
Additional specialist training and shorter courses have developed my capacity in different areas.
For more information on my training in counselling and psychotherapy click My training


Counselling and psychotherapy are ways of giving attention to aspects of our lives which trouble us.

There are many different reasons for looking for a therapist and many different approaches to therapy. It is important you find someone that works well for you.

I concentrate on five areas of life.

      Times when we feel bewildered, lost and disorientated.

      A loss of purpose and meaning in our lives, thinking 'what's the point'.

      When we are in transition from one phase of life to another.

      The pleasures and problems of being with other people.

    Managing emotion and mood.

There are many ways of thinking, reacting and managing distress between people and within people at different points in life. Sometimes we may need to explore our experience to make sense of it, at others we need to gather our thoughts or take action.

Different people find different techniques useful.
Talking together in a purposeful and constructive conversation is at the core of counselling.
I may also use drawing, writing, craft, diagrams and mindmaps if that fits the way you think. This would be entirely up to you.
Where managing difficult situations is a priority, I may introduce practical tasks and specific techniques.

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How best to arrange counselling or psychotherapy depends on the reason for using it and practical considerations. Sometimes these conflict and we need to work out what's the best compromise.

You may want to address a particular situation, perhaps in a fixed number of meetings.
Have a more open-ended exploration of longer-term concerns.
Make the most effective use of the time available before a specific date.

There may be practical constraints of time, money, work patterns, responsibilities which affect how you want to arrange counselling.

I can work in the way that suits you best in afternoon, evening and weekend appointments in Shrewsbury, Shropshire.

For an idea of different arrangements click Cost and other questions

What's the next step?

For practical information and answers to questions and worries which often come up click Cost and other questions

Contact me with any questions and to discuss what may be useful to you.
There is no charge and it doesn't commit you to meeting.

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phone 07377421759

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What to Expect
My training
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